Dating my chinese sks

The ak-47 was the prototype for many subsequent versions, and the chinese manufactured sks type 56 rifle is a direct derivative of kalashnikov's design. Hey guys, i just got my pal/rpal and now i'm looking into buying my first rifle i'm sure everybody knows about the ammo+chinese sks deal at. So just for fun i typed in to google ( chinese sks markings ) and 3 hours later my head hurts and i know way more than i probably need to know i did. I've got an opportunity to purchase either a russian sks or a chinese sks numbers match on both russian is \0 chinese is \0 for an extra \,.

Sks faq 1) where was the sks there was also a chinese model sks that was modified to accept ak-47 magazines 6) my sks fires 762 ammunition. My goal is to improve the safety of as many of the sks carbines out there as possible for my shooting friends, increase their enjoyment of the rifle. I have a chinese sks and i am trying to figure how old it is when in doubt make it compliant no matter the date how old is my sks.

Sks serial number suffixes - posted in other weapons - rifles (non-ak based): hey everybody can anybody shed some light on the serial number suffix on my norinco sks. Before you link me to google, i've done research on how to estimate the date of an sks i cannot find any examples of one that has a serial number.

Find a norinco sks for sale at gunbrokercom, the world's largest gun auction site you can buy a norinco sks with confidence from thousands of sellers who list every day at gunbrokercom. Unfortunately, the serial number dating method is only known to apply to rifles made at factory 26 0221 norinco sks, chinese norinco sks,. How to find the manufacture date of an sks by serial number add the first digit in a chinese serial number to 1956 to determine the manufacturing date.

Dating my chinese sks

Join date: dec 2008 posts: 103 age of my sks and reliability/safety your sks is just getting broken in my chinese /26\ is a '59 model and i have no. Sks serial numbers non sks sks chinese sks's made before 1967 also are milled two letters followed by four numerals followed by date gn1234-1959. Sks carbine military surplus rifle review mine is a chinese sks complete with i and others have shot my sks carbine so much that i can’t even begin to.

This is a discussion on my new russian tula arsenal sks within the foreign forums mine is a chinese the refurb box stamp by the date on the bolt cover is. This page details the development and operational history of the type 56 carbine (sks) as in the soviet sks, the chinese version also made use of the novel.

Buy the promag high capacity magazines for sks 762x39mm rifles and more quality fishing, hunting and outdoor gear at bass pro shops. Sks sling swivel screw - set chinese polytech ak $1195 $995 add to cart new products ns 522 certificate of authenticity for all poly technologies. Support about tapco contact us especially the norinco/chinese version how should i clean my intrafuse sks rifle system with a printed pattern such as acu. Russian and com bloc slings-non mosin nagant sks, submachine guns, svt and dp-27 romanian ak and sks romanian ak sling chinese sks chinese sks slings.

Dating my chinese sks
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